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How old is your UV lamp?

UV lamps age over time, the light from them becomes more yellow, and the UV output drops to zero. Make sure you change them according to the manufaturer's direction even if they appear to be OK. The photo below is of four identical 26W 5% UV lamps each six months older than the one above
uv lamps getting old

Can you give me a new home?

corn snakecorn snake


This young corn snake has been in the rescue for almost it's entire life. Can you give it a second chance at a loving home for life? - Now found his forever home, finally

Meet the Team

The rescue is run by a management team of three trustees and a small army of volunteers who provide transport, temporary foster care and assist with fundraising

Joseph GriffinJoseph Griffin is the founder of North-East Reptile Rescue. He founded it and funded it himself as a non-profit organisation in 2007 as an extension of his own reptile keeping hobby.

Joe has expertise in a wide variety of reptile species and provides the headquarters and primary reptile care centre for NERR

As demand for NERR's services has increased over the years, the time has come to put the rescue on a more professional footing with an aim to achieving registered charity status in the future. To this end Joe has recruited other trustees to take the organisation forward.

Alec WoodAlec Wood joined the staff in 2012 having adopted a number of animals from NERR in 2011. Alec has expertise in spiders and in snake species primarily. He provides a small reptile holding facility and invertebrate care centre, and his partner Vicky, also a volunteer at NERR, is skilled in socialising animals, overcoming excessively defensive behaviours etc

vacancyvacancyYou? Currently we require a third trustee to take NERR forward. We need someone well-organised who can dedicate three or four hours once each month to administration, accounts etc. Your level of involvement with the animals is up to you.

Applicants must be of good character without unspent criminal convictions, essentially the must be a fit and proper person according to the UK Charities Commission's definition here.