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Gifting Your Vivarium

When asking us to take on an animal, please consider donating it's habitat too.
If you don't then we have to go and buy the equipment before we can take it in. You'll appreciate that this is a massive drain on the resources of a small group like ours, and may delay our being able to take the animal in.
A majority of our funding comes directly out of our members' own pockets and purchasing suitable equipment for your animal can not always be done straight away.

Many vivariums are gifted which we can not use, but we can sell these to offset our costs or trade them for food and other equipment so we appreciate these just as much

Can you give me a new home?

corn snakecorn snake


This young corn snake has been in the rescue for almost it's entire life. Can you give it a second chance at a loving home for life? - Now found his forever home, finally

Rescue Service

We are located in Hartlepool in NE England and will travel any reasonable distance to collect unwanted animals or you can bring them to us. This is a no-cost service, though donations towards fuel expenses are always welcomed. Simply call or email us with all the relevant details.

When you use North East Reptile Rescue to rehome your pet you can be confident that the welfare of the animal will be paramount at all times. We will NEVER euthanize a healthy animal simply because it cannot be rehomed. Many of the animals we receive are living out their lives with us. We acknowledge that we have a duty of care both to preserve the trust you place in us to rehome your pet, and to the animal itself to safeguard its welfare.

When we attend to collect the animal, or when you bring it to our premises, you will be required to sign a relinquishment form surrendering legal ownership of the animal to us. Then the animal will be assessed and sent for veterinary treatment immediately if necessary. Otherwise, we will keep it for a period of time to verify that it is feeding correctly and to assess its temperament, then after a final assessment, it will be offered for adoption. The period that each animal is kept depends upon circumstance. Generally a minimum of four weeks is expected, though this can be much longer if veterinary treatment is required, or behavioural issues, such as excess aggression, are noted. All potential rehomers are fully vetted to ensure that they have both the knowledge and equipment necessary to care for it correctly. Rehomers sign an agreement stating they will not sell or breed from the animal, and we monitor the progress of the animals for a period after rehoming to ensure all is well.

Please note that for legal reasons we cannot return rescued or surrendered animals to their original owner except in cases where the animal arrived with us as a stray.

Occupants of a household who have surrendered an animal to us may not then adopt an animal from us for a period of one year from that date. The trustees reserve the right to extend this restriction to immediate family and/or close associates at their discretion.

Our approximate catchment area is shown below.