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Can you give me a new home?

corn snakecorn snake


This young corn snake has been in the rescue for almost it's entire life. Can you give it a second chance at a loving home for life? - Now found his forever home, finally

Adopting an animal from us

All people wishing to rehome are home-checked and vetted before any animal leaves our care. We have a duty of care, both to the animal, and to the previous owner upon whose trust we now have custody of it. In order to satisfy that duty we must ensure that the home they are to be placed in is suitable, and that the prospective owner has the necessary means and knowledge to care for the animal for the remainder of its expected lifespan. Any animals which cannot be rehomed for whatever reason remain with us to be used to educate the public on caring for reptiles and overcoming fear, and to raise awareness, and to live out the remainder of their lives in comfort and security.

We usually keep very old animals, those with behavioural issues which can not be corrected or those with significant health problems that need a lot of care, with us to live out the rest of their lives.

There are always animals available to rehome. If you want to take on a certain type of animal, or you just want to find out more, then please contact us. We always need people on standby, and it is obviously helpful to us to be able to offer animals to pre-screened homes.

For legal reasons we cannot rehome any animal to anyone under the age of eighteen, nor can we return an animal to the original owner except in cases where the animal arrived with us as a stray.

Occupants of a household who have surrendered an animal to us may not then adopt an animal from us for a period of one year from that date. The trustees reserve the right to extend this restriction to immediate family and/or close associates at their discretion.

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The rehoming process

Once you have selected the animal you wish to adopt, simply contact us and tell us using the contact form. Please provide your full details and it is helpful if you include details of past experience if you have any, or the research you've done, along with a description of the habitat and equipment you have available for it. A rehoming fee will apply along with all necessary checks and proof of ID. The rehoming fee is a simple fixed donation that goes towards the expenses of the animals that require rehoming, and is not refundable. All animals will be delivered in order that we can complete the home-checking processes and validate the ID provided. If you live outside our local area we will also require a donation towards fuel costs for delivery. We will advise you of all costs before proceeding.

Once we've received your request we will consider it along with any other requests we have had for the same animal and inform you as soon as is practical whether or not we can go ahead and rehome the animal to you. Please bear in mind the following

  • As well as a safe environment with adequate heat and lighting as appropriate for the species, we recognise the need to maintain the mental welfare of animals in captivity and the value of a stimulating environment with appropriate decoration and furnishings. In this regard we do not regard RUBs, or other simple plastic tub type accomodations as suitable long term homes for any captive animal.
  • We would expect to see appropriate guarding on lights, ceramic heaters etc, and we will not accept the use of heat mats as a thermal solution for heavy bodied snakes (royal python and larger) or arboreal lizards such as Chinese Water Dragons or similar. Thermostats must be present and installed correctly.
  • Popular animals (expensive, rare or just enormously cute) may have a lot of interest;
  • Sometimes it is in the best interests of an animal to rehome it to an experienced adopter, if the animal has health or behavioural issues, sloughing problems, a poor feeding response etc;
  • Equally, it can sometimes be in the best interests of the animal to rehome it where it will be a single pet home. It might seem counter-intuitive, but a well researched novice with the means and the will to obtain veterinary support, can sometimes be the best possible home for some animals such as highly territorial male bearded dragons for example;
  • After we've looked at all these issues, it can end up being like a "name out of a hat" situation where there are multiple suitable adopters. In these situations a meeting of the trustees will make the decision. By having multiple people involced in these situations we seek to ensure that personal issues do not come to influence the process

Please note that we do not sell animals, and that donations etc cannot be taken into consideration when deciding where an animal might be rehomed. Choice of rehoming solution is, and always will be, a purely animal welfare based decision.

The rehoming agreement

Rehoming of animals is subject to your signing a rehoming agreement, a legally binding contract between you and us. The terms of the rehoming agreement are given below;

you agree to;

  • provide a safe and clean environment in which the animal can inhabit with due regard for its needs and welfare.
  • provide medical treatment from a qualified veterinary surgeon as and when needed to prevent any suffering to the animal
  • not have the animal euthanized unless recommended by a vet, and in such an event, to notify us with full details
  • not use the animal for breeding
  • return the animal to us should you no longer be able to care for it
  • not sell or rehome the animal without our prior consent

In return, we will;

  • undertake that the animal you rehome will be in satisfactory health and feeding/sloughing correctly
  • disclose any previous medical problems or individual husbandry issues of which we are aware
  • provide with up to date feeding and sloughing records where available
  • take back the animal if necessary at a later date