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Equipment Needed

We always need the following items;

  • Pulse Stats
  • Dimmer Stats
  • UV Lamps
  • Frozen Food

We're also happy to receive broken thermostats many of which we can repair and reuse

Can you give me a new home?

corn snakecorn snake


This young corn snake has been in the rescue for almost it's entire life. Can you give it a second chance at a loving home for life? - Now found his forever home, finally

We need your support

You'll appreciate that it costs a substantial amount of money to keep the rescue open. We are entirely reliant on the generosity of the general public and our members to provide heat, light, equipment, food etc, and also to fund the collection and delivery of animals. All donations are welcome, however little it may be. If you would like to donate anything including equipment or even food for the animals, we would be most grateful.

100% of all monies received go directly to the upkeep of the animals in our care. We have no paid staff.

 Please use the button below to send us a regular donation each month


or this one to make a onetime donation to NERR