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Can you give me a new home?

corn snakecorn snake


This young corn snake has been in the rescue for almost it's entire life. Can you give it a second chance at a loving home for life? - Now found his forever home, finally

What is an "acceptable setup"?

We often get asked, what's an "acceptable" setup. From our point of view, basically, it's one which adequately caters for the animal's physical and psychological needs, so;

  • It should be safe. Heaters should be appropriate for the animal, no mats with heavy bodied snakes for example, and must be controlled by a thermostat. Fixtures must be secure, guards fitted over dangerous items, etc
  • It should be secure. Tortoise tables must have high enough sides to prevent them climbing out
  • It should be appropriate, grassland tortoises will not be rehomed to be kept in vivariums, and tropical ones won't be rehomed unless they have a correctly set up viv; Water dragons must have their water needs provided for, etc
  • It should be appropriately sized, not only in relation to the animal's size, but also to it's behavior, and the requirements for thermoclime etc
  • It should be monitored. Digital thermometers are cheap and reliable, the stick on ones are ineffective. Animals dependent on humidity, such as chameleons, tropical tortoises etc, need hygrometers in their enclosures.
  • It should provide a stimulating environment. Without decor, interruptions to the sightlines etc, the animal will have no mental stimulation which is severely stressful for it, to the point where permanent psychological damage can result. We know from studies of zoo animals that environmental enrichment is very important, that the lack of it can cause abnormal repetitive behaviors. This environmental consideration is an element of the well known "five freedoms" concept. This key, and often overlooked, element of animal husbandry is why we will not rehome animals to be kept in small barren plastic tubs.